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About Sinoway

Sinoway is proud of its reputation gained after years' of research and development on amphibious excavator industry. Owing to the excellent performance and low running cost, Sinoway swamp excavator is now becoming more and more popular for swampy area applications. Proven in projects like oil and gas industry, pipeline, land reclamation, waterway deepening, delta works, etc., our swamp buggy excavators are used worldwide, such as South-east Asia, West Africa, Central America as well as a few countries in Middle Asia.

Sinoway team takes every single chance to enhance our swamp buggy excavators' reputation. Thus we have developed a complete line of swamp excavator from 0.2m3 bucket, up to 1.1m3 which is now to be considered as the largest amphibious excavator in China. Optional equipments like sub-pontoons with spud piles, dredging slurry pump, vibratory hydraulic pile hammer, long reach boom make our swamp excavator more versatile.

Key Features of Sinoway amphibious excavator

Refined pontoon structure
Pontoons are built with high grade steel with antirust treatment and high torsion resistance
World-class components applied with engine options (Cummins or Isuzu)
Lower running cost and easy maintenance
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